About us

We're on a mission.

We’re a team of digital-native, SaaS-fed entrepreneurs with one great ambition: build the health app of SMBs.

Open banking revolutionised payment processing globally. With this, a complete new landscape of players and solutions emerged. Now is time to capitalize on these foundations, and take it to the next level to build the one cash management app to rule them all.

Do you also believe in pushing back the limits of what existing apps can offer ? You have a proven track record and you want to build a fast and beautiful user experience ? We’re hiring!

Founding Team

Quentin de Kerchove
If not kite surfing, Quentin is leveraging his large financial network for business development.
Philippe Nicolet
Philippe is the corporate finance & accounting master of the team. He eats bank statements every morning for breakfast.
Florian Maffini
He can build pretty much anything which integrates into the Web, given a large amount of coffee.
Alban Le Vallois
Alban designs digital products in his sleep. What bug? Ask him, it’s a feature.