What is Sway Finance?
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Sway Finance is a cash management and payment automation platform.

The app connects directly to your bank accounts to show you where you stand in real-time, help you understand your cash movements, make payments in seconds and receive optimisation advice. Our goal is to let you focus on growing your business without wasting time on administrative tasks.

How can I start using Sway?
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To start using Sway, first download the App from the App Store if you're on iOS, of from the Google Play Store if you're on Android.

You will then be able to sign-up, create a workspace, and connect your bank accounts in minutes. Follow along the video tutorial below to discover how to proceed.

Once you're set-up, enjoy accessing all your accounts in a single app in real-time, while collaborating seamlessly with the people you chose, leveraging the power of Swiss Open Banking.

What can I use the Sway Finance application for?
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Here's how you can best start using the Sway app:

  • Access and display your bank accounts data in one single place, with a beautiful dashboard.
  • Give access to this information to relevant team members.
  • Review your transactions every day and add relevant information such as invoices.
  • Submit payments to your bank accounts via IBAN or QR invoice.
  • Export your bank statements to cloud-based accounting systems such as Xero and Quickbooks

You can have a quick glimpse at the app's key feature in the video below.

What are the banking features available in Sway?
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Different banks will provide different levels of services. When you initiate a bank connection, the Sway application will let you know which services are specifically available for that provider.

Here is the list of key features that can be provided by banks in the Sway App:

  • Consent Management: Grant access to your accounts directly via your bank. You will need to authenticate, usually with the usual bank identification application, and follow a process defined by your bank. You can then choose to revoke this consent at anytime from your bank and/or from Sway, to stop the connection.
  • Multiple consents: The bank can be connected to several workspaces simultaneously. This is particularly useful if you have many accounts under one single contract and wish to split these into different workspaces for different users or teams, with different authorisation levels.
  • Payment submission: Submit payment drafts to be signed-off in the e-banking. For instance, let a collaborator orchestrate all your payments in a single place via Sway (e.g. scanning QR invoices), sending them to the right bank in a few taps, then letting an authorised e-banking user sign them off.
  • Payment initiation: Initiate payments for execution directly from Sway, while keeping it secure with an identification and approval process.
  • Cash Management export (camt053): Export camt053 files generated by all your compatible banks, in one single tap, directly from Sway. You can then import these files in your accounting solution (such as Xero, Bexio, Cresus or Winbiz) for instance. Save the time of having to sign in the different e-bankings, finding the right place, the right file type, etc.

Note that many more features such as CSV export in Xero or Quickbooks format, collaborator management, transaction checks and so on, are available, independently of what the connected bank offers.

How can I create a Sway Finance account?
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To start using Sway Finance, just download the app from the App or Play store from your phone and sign-up. Don't hesitate to have look at our video tutorial to see how the sign-up process goes.

If you’d like to speak to us, you can reach us via our contact form here: https://www.swayapp.io/contact. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Why do I need biometry authentication to sign in?
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We take security very seriously. Authentication leveraging biometric sensors on your smartphone is one of the strongest security factors to protect a potential malicious person to access your account.That's why we leverage it by default if it is enabled on your device.

How can I make sure no one else can access my Sway account?
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We leverage two factor authentication and biometric authentication to make sure you are the one accessing your account. However, like any security technology, these are limited by how they are used.

Here are some healthy habits to make sure the security in place stays relevant:

  1. Never share you password with anyone
  2. Never share your local authentication settings (biometry or code) with anyone
  3. Change password regularly
  4. Beware of phishing: do not communicate your password to an agent, even if they pretend to work for us, we will never ask that.
  5. Always change your credentials within the app, not via a website, even if it looks like ours.
My workspace is suspended, what can I do?
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Your workspace may be automatically suspended in case of non-payment, or in case of non respect of our terms and conditions. This can for instance happen if the payment of your subscription fails too many times. In that specific case, make sure your payment method is still functional and up-to-date. If you think this is a mistake please contact our support via our contact form: https://www.swayapp.io/contact We will get back to you shortly.

My account is suspended, why is that?
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This might be because we have detected unusual activity on your account, or some of the terms of use were not respected. If you trust this is a mistake, please get in touch via our contact form: https://www.swayapp.io/contact.

What is an aggregated balance?
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The aggregated balance is the sum of the amount of money that you currently have on your bank accounts connected with Sway. For instance, if you have one account with CHF 15’000.- and another one with with CHF 5’000.- your aggregated balance will be CHF 20’000.-. Your aggregated balance can be found on the top of your Dashboard.

What is a revoked consent?
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A revoked consent means that the connection from your bank account to Sway was cancelled. This might happen if you or someone else decided to remove the connection (either within the Sway App, or from the e-banking directly). It’s also possible that the consent you had granted had ran out of validity. In any case you can always reconnect your account by adding it again from the Sway App, and all your data will be available again in no time. If you believe this is a mistake or need any assistance, please reach out to us via our contact form: https://www.swayapp.io/contact

Balance and History showing disconnected account(s), what does that mean?
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When a consent is revoked (from the Sway app or from your eBanking for instance), connection to the related accounts is removed too. You may however still chose to display this account's data, in the workspace settings. If you do chose to display a disconnected account, the app shows a warning to inform you and potential collaborators, that the aggregated balance and its history, may not be up to date. It consists of a textual warning on the dashboard, as well as an icon near the account logo, in other screens. If you disable the account display, the warning will disappear as well.

Can I make a payment to an account that doesn’t have an IBAN?
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At the moment payment to accounts that do not have an IBAN are not supported by our Open Banking provider(s). We’re working hard on finding a solution for that and will update the App as soon as that is available. If this feature is important to you, you can gladly let us know by dropping us an email via our contact form: https://www.swayapp.io/contact.

Can I export my bank transaction data?
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The answer is yes! At the moment you can export your account data as comma separated variable (csv). This format can easily be imported in modern accounting tools. On top of that, we’ve pre-formatted this export for Xero and Quickbooks, So if you use one of these solution, you can directly import it without any editing needed.

Why is my Creditor or Debtor “unknown”?
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In some cases, we do not receive the necessary information from your bank regarding the counterparty of a transaction. We only have an amount and a date. We therefore display “Unknown Creditor”, respectively “Unknown Debtor”. As soon as your bank will improve their implementation and provide this data, we will be able to provide you with this information.

Why is there no reference or communication in my transaction?
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Unfortunately, banks do not always return complete information about transactions. This may be to specific reasons (for instance in the case of grouped salary payments, ro protect privacy), or not. We are thus limited, and can only display the data we receive. Rest assured that we ware working hard together with the banks to make sure that all information available to you is displayed in the Sway App properly.

How to connect UBS accounts via Open Banking with Sway Finance?
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In a few easy steps you can connect your UBS accounts to Sway Finance and leverage your banking data for better cash management, thanks to Open Banking.

Here's a 2-minute video that shows you how to proceed.

How to connect Credit Suisse accounts via Open Banking with Sway Finance?
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In a few easy steps you can connect your Credit Suisse accounts to Sway Finance and leverage your banking data for better cash management, thanks to Open Banking.

Here's a 2-minute video that shows you how to proceed.

How to connect Valiant accounts via Open Banking with Sway Finance?
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In a few easy steps you can connect your Valiant accounts to Sway Finance and leverage your banking data for better cash management, thanks to Open Banking.

Here's a 2-minute video that shows you how to proceed.