Modernise Swiss traditional accounting : keep the fire burning, just use a plasma lighter

The old pipes give the sweetest smoke, yes, yet there’s no need to light them with firestones. Same goes for accounting. If you have an existing solution rolling, why change it all? Don’t. But maybe, just maybe, you can update a few pieces that give you the extra boost to rise to the challenges ahead.

Living in the Future (Almost)

We live in a time where you can drop the hands the steering wheel of your self-driving car, ask your phone to generate wild photorealistic pictures, and access internet anywhere in the world, relying on dedicated satellite services. You'd think the days of manually recording and categorising transactions would be over, right? Well, not quite. Some folks are still buried in Excel sheets and folders bursting with paper invoices. Let's talk about how we can leave those days behind for good!

I’m not a boomer, I’m pragmatic!

Aside of the cliché of the good-old fashioned accountant described above, not many things have changed in the accounting world in Switzerland in recent years. Apart from the dazzling rise of Bexio, for better (probably the best invoicing and billing management on the market) or for worse (how can it be that you cannot edit a wrongly recorded charge and have to do it all over again), most tools and habits remained in place. That’s fine, really. Why change a recipe that works?

Well indeed, if your client or CFO is happy, and you are happy, there’s no reason too. Yet even if you chose to live in a cave and are not triggered by all the promises of the AI revolution, that you ignore what’s happening with disruptive UBS-backed actors such a Numarics. Even if all of that does not trigger put you in fear or in awe of the potential perspective, we know. We know your way of working is the best, and it’s true because it works for you. But we also know that behind these strong processes and robust tools in place (think Crésus or Abacus that just rule the place), we know the pain you feel deep inside…

The Never Ending Story: Accessing The Data

Let’s face it, even the best tools have their quirks. When it comes to accessing banking transactions, even the most patient of accountant may lose patience:

  • The Quest for the Grail: You’re likely to spend months just to secure access to your client’s eBanking. That’s if they want to grant it to you in the first place. Oh and having 50 different logins is very safe… and not tedious at all!
  • Chasing the roadrunner: In the case you had not the luxury of being granted the revered eBanking access, you’ll end-up chasing clients every month or every quarter for that sacred export. And every time the dance starts again.
  • Excel wizard level reached: Once you got your hands on the data, your quest is not over yet. You’ll have to prepare the file so it fits your toll and use. Don’t misunderstand: once you’ve worked your magic, it works wonders, we don’t say. Just how long does the spell take to formulate ? ;)

The sad part in this story is that all this time spent on annoying and low-value task distract you from the work that really matters: help your client or team comply with the regulation, avoid unnecessary costs and assist them in their daily financial decisions.

When Sway Finance comes into play

(Superhero music cueing in)

Forget all this, now there’s Sway, and this is not an advertisement post, it’s all for real and your life will change for ever, in colour, with blooming flowers and rainbows!

Okay, maybe it’s a bit of an advertisement post, but for real though, we do make your life easier. We guarantee you’ll be able to measure the time and hair you’ll save each month , thanks to:

  1. Simplified Access: Your granting you access in 5 minutes without all the bank drama, like getting VIP access without the red tape.
  2. Seamless Data Export: Exporting data in the exact format needed for tools like Crésus, Quickbooks, Xero or Bexio, ready to feed to your favourite tool and almost hearing it say “yummy”!

And if you’re not that much into hair, or are far beyond saving like our CPO, at least save the time. Maybe you’ll finally get to perfect your barista skills and impress everyone during the coffee break. Or maybe you can help more client simultaneously. That’s all up to you really.

Putting stars in their eyes

Not only does Sway make your job easier, but it also gives your clients a shiny, and truly user-friendly app:

  • Real-Time Dashboard: Clients can check their financial status anytime, anywhere, feeling like financial wizards.
  • Invoice Processing: Managing and processing invoices has never been so easy, adding an extra sprinkle of convenience.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and when they learn that Sway Finance is included in the package you offer, trust us, once you start with Sway, you never go away!

Reaching the oasis

Integrating Sway with traditional accounting tools is like adding a turbo boost to your accounting practice. Say goodbye to your monthly data desert crossing and hello to freedom and efficiency, time savings, and superior service for your clients.

If you’re curious how or where to start, or if you want to hear from someone else than us (well that’s hurtful we told you we only speak the truth), we’ll gladly put you in touch with some of our partnering accounting firms who can share with you their experience. Just get in touch.

Cheerio amigo !

(image credits: Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash)